Notes on Alan Kay @ CodeX FutureLaw 2021

Alan Kay

Alan Kay’s keynote at start of CodeX FutureLaw conference on 2021-04-08.


Kay says we need to draw on atavistic tendencies, especially the need for stories to be made and shared (campfire image).
I believe he is saying that trying to restrain (making humans fully rational agents) them is pointless.

He believes explanation and learning assisted by computers is essential.
Indeed, coronavirus pandemia and ongoing CO2 crises are wrongly understood, humans have failed to learn on things that matter.


Kay is disappointed that most programmers and programs that are living out there are still not caring enough about the humans they interact with.

Kay says social sciences and user interface design research are central to make progress (I believe, in the sense to make technology that is at the service of humans and can answer today’s challenges).
This is coherent with his other words, as these areas of science and technique aim to explain and build upon the fact that humans are subject to the aforementioned tendencies.